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Angela Meakins

DRE# 01459726


With Angela Meakins Bergman & Stephanie Malcom 

Considering buying a home in Carmel Valley, Del Mar, Rancho Santa Fe or the surrounding communities? You could be missing out on great deals hidden in plain sight. North County real estate specialist Angela Meakins Bergman knows the local landscape – and she knows just who to bring along to see the true value of each home.

Build the Right Team to Find Your Dream House

For Angela, adding a design consultant to your team can be highly beneficial to the process and help you discover hidden value. Stephanie Malcolm, a luxury Del Mar property stylist and design consultant specializes in re-imagining a house and elevating the status of a space. Their history of success has proven the old adage: two sets of eyes are better than one.

Multiple Vantage Points Maximizes A Property’s Potential

From your first interaction with Angela and Stephanie, you’ll understand how their team approach delivers diverse yet complementary perspectives.

Angela’s strengths as a real estate agent:

·      Determine current and future market value

·      Build a strong pitch

·      Negotiate a favorable offer

Stephanie’s strengths as a design consultant:

·      Identify the best features of a house

·      Visualize a space’s hidden potential

·      Imagine the renovations that can reveal a house’s full potential

The Early Bird Catches the Worm

Angela and Stephanie believe their team approach can help open your eyes to the true potential of any property – and the interplay among their skills has proven to be an effective combination for many satisfied buyers. With Angela and Stephanie on your side, you can snatch a great deal and make a great investment.


You wouldn't buy a home without looking at it first, right? Angela believes you’re not really looking at a home unless you include a design consultant in your home search. Meet Stephanie Malcolm: Luxury Design Consultant. Together, these two know how to open a buyer’s eyes, and bring the true value and benefits of a home to the forefront.

Contact luxury design consultant Stephanie Malcolm to learn more about Del Mar Interior Design. For North County Coastal Real Estate, Angela Meakins Bergman can answer any of your questions. Check back here in a couple of weeks to learn how to buy under market value.