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How To Sell Your San Diego Home Fast

Prioritize the real estate process with an innovative team approach. Angela and Stephanie cover questions you’ll want to ask before listing your home in San Diego.
When sellers put their house on the market, they are typically looking to sell fast. Between Angela’s experience in local San Diego area market values and Stephanie’s creative eye, you can stage your house with a multi-dimensional approach that can reach a much wider range of buyers. They have a 3-step system to sell a home fast , and in this post, we will focus on the first one: walk through your house like the buyer.

Want to Sell a House in San Diego? Get Your Priorities Straight

According to Angela and Stephanie, the number one priority when selling a house in some of San Diego’s luxury communities, such as Del Mar or La Jolla, is to make the mental leap that your house is no longer your home. With Angela and Stephanie at your side, you can have a personalized team of experts working to sell your house fast – and the faith that your new home is just a few steps away. 
Remember: When a house goes on the market, it becomes a product.


Seller’s Checklist - Step #1: Walk the House Like a Buyer

The process of selling a home can be a very emotional and personal one, but Angela and Stephanie have seen the most success when sellers remove themselves from the role of “homeowner” and commit to the move.
  • Create a Welcoming Exterior

Making the switch from reminiscing about your home to selling the house can be difficult – and Angela and Stephanie are here to support you in that transition. With your team by your side, you can approach your house as a buyer would and ask yourself some difficult questions:

● What is the house’s curb appeal?
● Is the landscaping well-manicured?
● Are the paint and roof in good condition?
● Does the outside appearance of the home support the true value of the inside?
Take note of any red flags and address them with your agent and design consultant to make sure your house showcases its assets from the moment the buyer steps out of the car.
  • Maximize the Appeal of the Interior

Once you have tackled the appeal of the house’s exterior, it’s time to bring that same scrutinizing, objective perspective to the interior spaces:
● Is the house clean and de-cluttered?
● Does the house smell fresh and inviting?
● Does the house feel too cool or too warm?
● What are your first impressions about organization, design, and artwork?


While it may be easier to notice, the temperature of the house could be adjusted to make potential buyers more comfortable. Your agent and design consultant can help you with the more difficult aspects of adjusting the feel of interior spaces. Angela and Stephanie can help you see the house as a discerning buyer would.
Pro Tip: Keep Your Personal Style in Check
Polarizing artwork or an unusual color scheme can turn away potential buyers who become distracted by an aesthetic that doesn’t match their own. You want your house to feel warm and inviting, but also ready for a buyer to personalize the space according to their own style.


  • Takeaway: Understand the Role of Emotion When Selling Your House.

Yes, emotions play a role in the successful sale of any house. But the aim is to allow the buyer to establish an emotional connection with the house. If you focus your emotions on the new home you are about to create, a buyer will be better able to imagine themselves and their family in the house you are selling.
For more tips, tricks, and advice as you prepare to sell your home, connect with Angela and Stephanie. Ask them about the latest case studies that showcase the success of their partnership, many of which have garnered multiple offers, often above asking price.