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In our last blog post, real estate agent Angela Meakins Bergman and luxury design consultant Stephanie Malcolm revealed step #1 of their 3-step system: walk through your house like a buyer . In short, by keeping both your emotional attachment to the house and personal style in check, you free yourself up to create a welcoming exterior and maximize the appeal of the interior. 
In this follow-up post, Angela and Stephanie reveal how adopting their 3-step system has generated fast, successful sales for their clients.

Seller’s Checklist - Step #2: De-Clutter and Neutralize

Angela and Stephanie stress the importance of beginning the packing process as soon as you’ve decided to sell. As you walk through your house, begin mentally packing with these quick-start tips.
● Have you used it in the last six months? If not, pack it.
● Pack all personal items such as: the family picture wall; children’s artwork; greeting cards on the mantel; lists, notes, postcards, or magnets a
ttached to the refrigerator.
● If you have a pet, make sure items such as the dog’s bed, the cat’s litter box, scratching posts, or toys are packed or stored out of sight.
● If you own any eccentric, religious, political, or potentially offensive art, avoid offending a potential buyer by packing these pieces up as well.
Once this initial de-cluttering stage is complete, prepare for your agent and design consultant to bring their expert eye to your house and add a few more items to your to-do list.
Remember: the aim is to create a neutral but inviting palette that allows a potential buyer to connect with the house – and ultimately make an offer.

Seller’s Checklist - Step #3: Bring in the Experts

When preparing a house for a buyer’s walk through, listening to the advice of the experts can be the swing factor in a successful sale – but letting go of your attachment to the house can also be difficult or emotional. 
For these reasons, enlisting the help of a trusted, experienced real estate agent is essential. Then go the extra mile: include a design consultant in the process to create a team who understands your personal goals, the landscape of the local housing market, and contemporary design aesthetics. Together, you can focus on building a custom multi-dimensional marketing strategy for your house that goes beyond standard home-staging practices.
If you’re uncertain about the benefits this team can bring to the table, or concerned about the value and listing price, ask for a few case studies. Chances are, they’ve done this before – and done it very well.

Pro Tip: Act Like You’re Already in Escrow

Positivity is the key to transforming your house in preparation for sale and committing to the custom-marketing strategy created by your agent and design consultant. When Angela and Stephanie complete the property styling phase, they like to launch the sellers into a realm of positive thoughts by saying, “You’re already in escrow, you just don’t know it yet.” Once your mind is in escrow, packing becomes easy.
 A real estate agent understands the local housing market, what sells, and what doesn’t. A design consultant has a thorough understanding of modern design aesthetics. With their combined skills, they can help you to de-clutter and neutralize your home so it will attract buyers who are ready to make an offer.