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Angela Meakins

DRE# 01459726


After being either pregnant and/or a mom for the last 12.5 years, there came a day where I had to sit back and ask myself a very serious question: Am I being the very best role model for my children?
It is not an easy thing to admit, and most of my friends and loved ones (looking in) would disagree, but if I had to be very honest, I would have to say NO!
Do I think that I am a great mom? YES! Have I given my girls all the love, support, cuddles and kisses they could ever need? YES! Do I support them and set a great example as a successful business woman? YES!  However, at some point they will stop looking to me and start looking at me as a guide and a role model.  With my girls growing up, now being 6 and 11, things are changing quickly!
A year ago I was asked a very pointed question.  I was asked: "What makes you happy?" Stunned by not knowing how to answer the question, I simply said "I don't know".  I had gotten lost in being everything to everyone else but me.  So my journey began - I had to find me.  
The last year has been incredible, surprising, and tremendous in every way.  I learned to say no when I needed to and that I do not always need to please everybody.  I do things and spend my time in ways that honor me and make me happy.  I have also learned that this is not selfish - this is me becoming my best possible self for those around me and most importantly for my children who look up to me. 
I want my girls to be proud of me.  I want to them to look at me and know that I am my true me. That I stand on my own two feet, make my own decisions, and most of all that I love ME.  I want them to know that I work hard, don't give up and above all – I believe in myself.  
Every day I become a better mom for my girls.  Along my journey we laugh and we cry and we live everyday to our very best.

Happy Mother's Day to all of you wonderful Mom's out there.  Don't forget about you

xoxo, Ange