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Angela Meakins

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Are you more of a traditionalist when it comes to Holiday meals or do you like to put your own spin on it? 

I love a traditional Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner. I like to keep it simple, straightforward, and delicious. I like to cook all the things you only have during the holidays, like turkey and ham.

What is your signature dish? 

I love cooking turkey during the holidays. The most special thing you can do is to not overcook the turkey. It’s easier to keep it moist by breaking the bird down by removing legs and cooking them separately from the breast, since the turkey legs need to cook much longer than the breast.  I also cook my stuffing separate from the turkey, because when the stuffing is inside the turkey it sucks the moisture out of the meat. Just pour chicken stock over your stuffing and cook in a separate pan.

Cocktails or wine with dinner? 

BOTH! Enjoy cocktails before the main course and wine with dinner. A red wine like Pinot Noir pairs nicely with any holiday meal, but it’s most important to just stick to what you enjoy!

How long does it take you to prepare a Holiday dinner for your guests? 

A year. Kidding, but don’t underestimate the amount of time it takes to prepare good food! Cook everything you can beforehand and make the main course (turkey, ham, etc), stuffing, and potatoes the day of. I say that 65% of the meal should be done the day before. Leftovers taste better anyway! Don’t put too much on your plate the day of.  Also, don’t be afraid to do a potluck style holiday dinner and have your guests contribute. Another time saving tip- store buy your dessert! You can preorder whole pies from a variety of different grocery stores or bakeries and they always taste great! 
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