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Why buy a luxury fractional ownership as opposed to your own vacation home? At first thought, it may sound more luxurious to have a private home in a lavish location far from your primary residence, where you can break away from your every day life and ski or golf or just relax with no worries. But home ownership is full of worries and maintenance , especially homes near the beach, golf courses, or snow. Various issues such as a broken water heater, dead or overgrown landscaping, or built up dirt and dust in your secondary home is just asking for a headache on your supposed "getaway." Here are our top 3 reasons why we believe investing in a luxury fractional ownership is the right way to guarantee a lavish and relaxing vacation year after year.

1. Maintenance

The work of maintaining and cleaning your secondary home can take away a big chunk of your actual vacation time. Various issues are bound to arise from simply keeping the grass alive to fixing a leaky roof or broken air conditioning. With a fractional ownership, these issues are simply not your problem. Once you purchase an ownership, all you have to worry about is showing up. 

2. Value

The average vacation home is occupied by its owners for about 3-6 weeks a year. This means that some secondary home owners are paying for a home that sits vacant for up to 49 weeks per year! When you purchase a fractional ownership, you are paying a fraction of the price of what the property is actually worth, which saves you money and can potentially let you purchase a larger or more luxurious vacation home than what you could afford with a full ownership. Why choose to spend money on a home when you can pay for just the time you are actually going to use the property? 

3. 5 star service 24/7

Imagine showing up to your vacation home and having the fridge fully stocked, your favorite wine waiting for you in the living room, the temperature is perfect and there's not a thing to clean or pick up. You simply arrive and immediately enjoy your home away from home. One of the best perks of investing in a luxury fractional ownership is that most offer full concierge services. For example, the luxury ownerships at The Fairmont Grand Del Mar offer a daily housekeeping service, full concierge service before, after and during your stay to ensure your time in your property is as stress free as possible, a full golf course membership, and all of the hotel's amenities are offered to owners. All of these luxury services create a relaxing a stress free environment for their owners. 

If you are interested in investing in a luxury fractional ownership, please do not hesitate to contact me today!