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Angela Meakins

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America's most expensive home ever listed may be even better than we all imagined. The new mansion that developer Bruce Makowsky is selling for $250 million comes move in ready with 150 pieces of original artwork, $30 million worth of classic cars, a dozen high-performance motorcycles, and a deactivated helicopter.
Other features of this 12-bedroom home include a spa room, infinity pool, auto gallery filled with Lamborghinis; Ferraris, and the like, the helicopter featured in the 1980s TV show Airwolf, and 21 bathrooms.
Not only does Makowsky believe this home will sell, but he thinks that his spec homes are filling a void in the mega-rich market.
“I just believe that if you build the very best, there will be a buyer,” Makowsky said. "The super-wealthy are spending hundreds of millions of dollars on yachts and aircraft, which they might use for only a few weeks a year. And yet these super-wealthy people are living in $20 or $30 million homes,” he added. “It’s because no one has built homes for billionaires.”
Let's see who snags up this amazing property. What billionaire doesn't need a candy wall and a helicopter?! 
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