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Renovation Vs. Turn Key

With Angela Meakins Bergman & Stephanie Malcom

Want to come in under market value with the purchase of your North County San Diego home? Enlist the help of an experienced agent and this secret weapon. With their unique team approach , real estate agent Angela Meakins Bergman can find houses with the essentials on your must-have list while design consultant Stephanie Malcolm can help you visualize and define your ideal aesthetic and lifestyle within those spaces.

By touring homes with a real-estate agent and a design consultant, you can enlist a committee to work with you to achieve your goals and desires in a home purchase.
During a walk-through with Angela and Stephanie, you embark on a tour of what you can see and what they imagine—all custom-tailored to your personal needs and tastes.

Case Study: Renovations vs. Turnkey

Recently, Angela was touring houses with a couple looking for a home around $400k, and they soon found a house that held great potential at that price. However, since Stephanie was accompanying them on the walk-through, she was able to help the couple understand the necessary renovations would cost roughly $60k and take a minimum of 3 months to complete.
With Stephanie’s experience with both the process and price tag of renovations, and Angela’s expertise with current market values, the couple could now make an educated decision that a turnkey home at $450k was better-suited to their expectations and their lifestyle.

How To Buy Under Market Value

If you’ve previously been in the market for a new home, you’ve probably experienced the initial shock of entering a house that wasn’t what you expected—and made up your mind to leave before you even finished the walkthrough.
First impressions are hard to shake. To spot true value and seize opportunity, you need to tour potential homes with an experienced agent and property stylist.
By touring houses with a trusted team of experts, you maximize your ability to uncover the true value of a home. Angela and Stephanie are well-practiced at visualizing the impact of fresh paint, de-cluttering, and re-styling. 
They know how a few strategic changes can turn a sleeper house into a modern model home: the key to finding your dream house for under market value.

What Now?

To learn more about Del Mar luxury homes, please contact Angela Meakins Bergman. Get in touch with Stephanie Malcolm to discuss your Del Mar interior design needs. Stay tuned for another article where Stephanie and Angela will reveal an educational guide for sellers! For now, check out the first article they have created regarding uncovering the hidden value of a home.